Chuuk State Postpones its Plebiscite on Political Status 
Press Release #1502-03
Palikir, Pohnpei – FSM Information Services
February 25, 2015

(Office of the President) - On January 27, 2015, President Mori issued an Executive Order that organized and established an FSM Task Force on National Unity whose purpose is to assist and educate Chuukese voters on the question of whether Chuuk State should or should not secede from the Federation.  The question was to be placed on the ballot during the National Election on March 3, 2015.

On February 23, 2015, Governor of the State of Chuuk, The Honorable Johnson Elimo issued an Executive Order severing the Chuuk State Political Status Plebiscite from the National Election effort scheduled to be held on March 3, citing shortcomings by the Chuuk State Election Commission on their ability to conduct the plebiscite as scheduled.

In light of the above Executive Order by the Governor of Chuuk, President Mori has temporarily suspended further efforts and activities of the FSM Task Force on National Unity as authorized by the Presidential Executive Order dated January 27, 2015.

President Mori further stated: “I will be proposing, and calling for a leadership meeting between Chuuk State Government, FSM National Government and representatives from the United States Government to address the underlying issues raised by Chuuk State during the initiated movement to secede.

In the meantime, I congratulate and applaud the Governor of Chuuk State and the entire leadership of Chuuk State Government for postponing this plebiscite.  I also wish to thank the Task Force and everyone in Chuuk and abroad, for their diligent and tireless efforts to assist in our educational campaign on National Unity.”