V6AK Radio Broadcast Station about to restore normal operation arrangements
Press Release #0312-10
Palikir, Pohnpei – FSM Information Services
March 23, 2012

For over three years, Chuuk State’s V6AK Radio Broadcast Station has been ineffective in keeping to its 18 hours of daily broadcast tradition as a result of problematic electrical system at its facilities.

Mr. Angelino Rosokow, Chief of the Division of Public Affairs that regulates the radio station, explained that the problem stems from the power line that hooks the station to the “island power” as a result of erratic power distribution to the expanding residential area where a few government offices are also placed .  Yet, as the State Government faced an acute financial crisis that paralleled the period the radio station broke down, the much needed repair had to be delayed indefinitely.  

According to Mr. Rosokow, the radio station has resorted to operating for only four hours a day the past few years and switched from using “the island power” to using a “back up power generator” to avoid a complete shut-down and further damage to the station’s broadcast system.

Many in Chuuk have also said that using a generator to run the station is simply unsustainable and that the station has had times when it could not operate due to unavailability of fuel provision or spare parts for the generator.

However, Mr. Rosokow was keen on pointing out that the situation is going to be resolved in the very near future as Chuuk State has been granted funds from its Infrastructure Maintenance Fund (IMF) portion of Compact grants to procure power regulator equipments and needed accessories for the radio transmitter and to secure a professional contractor to assist V6AK Station in fixing the problems. This restoration project, which has already started, would enable the station to reconnect to the island power after corrective measures are fully in place, affording the station a steady power source in the long run and with preventive capacity to compensate against electrical fluctuations.   

Mr. Eliseus Akapito, Chief of the Office of Planning, said that the V6AK repair project is one of three current “maintenance” projects for Chuuk State with funds from the State’s share of the IMF. The other two projects are the Mwaan Elementary School on Weno Island and the Southern Namoneas High School on Fefen Island. Other school maintenance projects from the same funding source are in the pipeline according to Mr. Akapito.

Chuuk State has contracted the Maui based T&T Towers Company for the V6AK restoration project according to the Office of Planning.    

For more information, please contact the Chuuk Office of Planning at 330-2598.