FSM Chief Executive Council Concludes Successfully in Yap

COLONIA, Yap – The 2nd FSM Chief Executive Council meeting in 2008 was held over the course of one day in the Yap State Legislative Chamber. The principals in attendance were Governor Robert Weilbacher of Kosrae, Governor (and Chairman) Sebastian Anefal of Yap, President Many Mori and Director of Pohnpei State Treasury Thomas Pablo.

The purpose of the CEC meeting was to work toward further progress and completion of the prior CEC meeting objectives held in January in Palikir, Pohnpei, to further discuss the critical issues facing the nation and to make decisions on these priority issues. The one-day event was productive in its brevity, with the Principals focusing effectively on the issues at hand. The Yap CEC was stragically scheduled by the FSM as a lead up to the 9th Micronesian Chief Executive Summit held in Palau from April 23-25, 2008.

The Secretariat for the CEC is the Office of Statistics, Budget and Economic Management, Overseas Development Assistance and Compact Management (SBOC). The Secretariat worked closely with various Yap State personnel from both the legislative and judicial branches, as well as with staff from the Kosrae executive branch to carry out a successful and productive completion to the CEC.

The primary issues discussed were related to the US-FSM Joint Econoic Management Committee (JEMCO) mid-term review meeting, the 5th-year Compact review, the European Union renewable energy update, an update on the current outlook for the Bank of FSM, Infrastructure, fiber optics, climate change and sea level rise and the national energy situation.

Throughout the meeting a consistent theme espoused by President Mori was a need to build and reach consensus on the range of collective state and national issues the nation must address, specifying that “fuel costs and the energy crisis and climate change are the great challenges” that the nation faces moving forward. The President reiterated his Administration’s desire to serve the states and to continue to provide the leadership in the international forum and the service nationally that will allow the strategic development needs of the nation as a whole to be met.

“Only through collaboration can the FSM meet its challenges,” stated Mori in his opening remarks, adding that, “other countries and donors can help us by us helping ourselves first.”

Governor Anefal worked steadfastly as Chairman of the event to reach efficient conclusions and to build the consensus needed from the leaders of the nation to move effectively in addressing the various issues.

The main outcomes and actions were the five resolutions that the President and the other Principals signed off on, including support for the development of an energy efficiency and renewable energy policy for the nation, support to mobilize quickly the infrastrucuture grants allocated to the states for development and econoomic stimulus purposes, support in using the variety of regional and international assistance to address the effects of climate change and sea level rise on the islands of the FSM, to work with the US (FEMA) to obtain needed disaster funding for the FSM, particularly as it relates to coastal erosion and severe weather events, and a need to immediately address the current energy crisis that stunts the progressive personal and national growth of the nation and its people.

The next CEC meeting will be held later this year, with Kosrae state hosting the event.